Christening carved candles

About Prilep Candles

Built on family history going back to the early 1980’s and dedication to creating high quality candles, Prilep Candles has a broad capability and wide range of products for all your candle needs.

Being a manufacturer and wholesaler we offer a premium product with great customer service at a competitive price. Our advantage of being an Australian manufacturer means we can offer a customised product to suit your requirements. Take a look at our product collection to discover our extensive range of products. We specialise in personalised projects, contact us with your requirements and we will gladly look into this.

We have a wide range of candles ranging from tapered church candles to hand carved sculptured candles. We pride ourselves on having industry leading machinery enabling us to produce a customised range of candles with the highest quality. Our advantage of being a manufacture means we have a high degree of flexibility when it comes to a customised range of candles, for example we can manufacture church candles in a variety of different sizes, thicknesses and colours according to your requirements. Our soy jar candles can be manufactured according to your requirements of jar types, fragrances and private labelling.

Prilep Candles has an extensive range of add ons and accessories for all your candle and candle decorating needs. Our accessories range from large christening keepsake boxes to small bonboniere. Take a browse though our Accessories and then contact us to arrange delivery of your selection.

Candles Ireland

Candles Ireland carries a complete range of candles on their candles on line shop The range of candles in the candles on line shop is immense and no matter what occasion you need candles for, you are sure to find the candles at the candle on line store.

Candles Ireland online candle shop have the following candles in stock, Baptism Candles, Communion Candles, Confirmation Candles, Wedding Candles, Anniversary Candles, Birthday Candles, Memorial Candles, Business Candles, Industrial Candles, Carved candles, Figure candles, LED Candles, Decorated Candles, Scented candles, Handmade Candles, Candles Gift Packs, Candles Gift Sets, Christmas Candles and Candle Holders.

Buy Baptism Candles online. Communion Candles online and Confirmation Candles online. Candles in the Baptism Candles, Communion Candles and Confirmation Candles section can be specially personalised and Pictures and logos can also be added. Candle colours can be chosen and there are different candle designs, candle patterns and candle sizes.

Candles are available to all Munster counties including, Candles Kerry, Candles Cork, Candles Waterford, Candles Tipperary, Candles Clare and Candles Limerick.

Buy Wedding Candles online. There are very good reasons to take care when chosen your wedding candles. Wedding candles are often a focus point on the alter and your wedding candles appear in your wedding photographs and your wedding video will show the design and colour of your wedding candles forever.

At candles Irelands online Wedding candles you have a marvellous choice in wedding candles and all candles Irelands online Wedding candles are at affordable prices.

Buy Anniversary Candles online and Buy Birthday Candles online. If you’re looking to buy an Anniversary Candles online then you will find the largest range of Anniversary Candles on Candles Ireland Anniversary Candles store.

There is a large selection of Birthday Candles available and birthday candles are available in different candle colours and different candle sizes.

Memorial Candles online. If you would like to give some a special gift on the occasion of a memorial then Memorial Candles are the perfect memorial gift as memorial candles show that you’re deceased friend is always in your mind and your thoughts.

Candles Ireland memorial candles are available in different colours and designs so you’re sure to find the memorial candle you want.

Buy Business Candles online and Buy Industrial Candles online. Businesses candles are ideal way for business to promote their company to customers. Businesses candles can we used as gifts for customers and lighted Businesses candles is a great to promote your businesses.

Businesses candles online can carry your businesses logo and you can choose different colours for your business candle. Candles are available to all Connacht counties including, Candles Mayo, Candles Galway, Candles Roscommon, Candles Leitrim and Candles Sligo.

Buy Carved candles online. Online carved candles are hand carved and carved candles are very individual. Making carved candles is very complicated which involves dipping the carved candles into coloured waxes and using a set of resins which makes the carved candles so shiny.

Each carved candle is unique and carved candles are elegant and decorative and can make a really special gift for any occasion

Buy Figure Candles online. Candles Ireland Figure candle collection has lots of different and unique figures forming their Figure candle range.

The figure candle range use shapesfrom human figures to animals and some of the figure candles give a non-candle look, making them look like figures and not candles.

Buy LED Candles online. LED candles are a very special candle containing a LED light inside them that shimmers with different colours of the rainbow.

LED candles make a room feel cosy and warm the light only turns on when the candles is lit. This makes LED candles unique and nice decoration.

Buy Decorated Candles Online and Buy Scented candles online. Decorated candles are handmade and so each decorated candle has its own unique design. Each scented candle has its own unique and special scent and scented candles scents range from very strong to light scents so there’s a scented candle that’s perfect for everyone's taste.

Using scented candles leaves rooms with lovely smells and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Buy Handmade candles online. Handmade candles are each individually made and formed and each handmade candle has its own individuality and handmade candles can make an ideal gift.

Handmade candles take a long time to make so all handmade candles are totaly unique.

Buy Gift Packs Candles online. Candles make ideal Gift Sets and come with a hand decorated or a hand painted candle with a handmade plate accompanying it.

Gift Packs Candles are perfect as a gift for any occasion.

Buy Christmas candles online. Christmas would not be Christmas without Christmas candles. The range of Christmas candles available from Candles Ireland are vast and their Christmas candles are available in all sizes. All of candles Irelands unique Christmas candles are available from their Christmas online candle shop.

Candles are available to all Ulster counties including, Candles Derry, Candles Cavan, Candles Monaghan, Candles Down, Candles Armagh, Candles Fermanagh, Candles Tyrone, Candles Antrim and Candles Donegal.

Buy Candle Holders online. Candles Ireland online candle shop have a wide variety of candle plates and candle holders suitable for different candle styles. Candle holders can make a nice decorative piece in any room and as some of the candle holders are handmade they can be very individual pieces.

Candles are available to all Leinster counties including, Candles Meath, Candles Louth, Candles Dublin, Candles Westmeath, Candles Longford, Candles Offaly, Candles Kildare, Candles Laois, Candles Carlow, Candles Kilkenny, Candles Wexford and Candles Wicklow

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Christening carved candles

Chris and Ash welcome you to Candlespower Online.

This website is brought to you by the request of the thousands of visitors from all over the World that have visited us at our shop, Candlespower, situated in the picturesque Welsh village of Betws y Coed in the heart of Snowdonia.

We have been pouring, hand crafting and personalising candles for almost 30 years. Each candle is made professionally, thoughtfully, and with pride, and is unique and individual to our customers’ own special requirements.

All our past and present customers are fully aware of the warm welcome, personal service and attention to detail that is provided with each and every candle made for them. This is the reason that we are now providing an online service for our customers worldwide, making life easier for those who are unable to return personally to our shop.

In the past we have been flown out, in the capacity of consultants, to set up and train the staff of new businesses in both Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.В We were also involved in the setting up of a major Indian candle-making company and have demonstrated our skills in Japan, The Netherlands and various parts of Europe.

For many years our main business was the supply of hand-crafted candles to trade customers, although the same attention to detail was provided whether the customer was Harrods, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis or the individual proprietor of a small gift shop. This expertise is now available to you online.

One of our proudest commissions was being asked to carve a large candle for Pope John Paul.В This was presented to the Pope during his historic visit to Wales. It signified the light of Catholicism alive today in our beautiful part of the world. Our wealth, experience and knowledge is now available to you online.

Candlespower brings to you our wonderful range of hand-made, hand-engraved, personalized candles for all occasions:

Whether your special day is:

Your Engagement; Your Wedding Day; Birth of Baby; Christening; Baptism; Funeral, Naming Day; Blessing; Civil Partnership; 1st Holy Communion; Confirmation; Well Done; Graduation; 18th Birthday; 21st Birthday; Birthday; Anniversary; Divorce; New Job; New Home; Retirement; Pet; Memorial; Pet Memorial.

Or, you are celebrating a special seasonal occasion, such as: Christmas; New Year; Valentines Day St David’s Day; Mother’s Day; St Patrick’s Day; St George’s Day; St Andrew’s Day; Father’s Day; Easter; Independence Day; Thanksgiving; Halloween.

A hand-crafted candle can be designed just for you. Candlespower also provides an exquisite range of eternal light photo candles for your everlasting delight.В What could be more special?

Candles can also be commissioned for corporate events or specific groups and societies, i.e Masonic, WI, Inner Wheel, Rotary etc.

All candles made by Candlespower are all hand-poured and made to specific recipes to enhance burn time to the optimum and the glow of the candle when lit.В Each candle is engraved by hand using a unique technique developed by ourselves over many years.

It is these techniques that provide such versatility for your own specifications.В We do NOT use mass-produced transfers, inks or industrial printing methods to embellish our work.В Each candle is completely unique and individually engraved.

Welcome to Candles by Design

. specialists in exquisite personalised candles for any occasion

Personalised candles provide you, or the recipient of your gift, with a unique and treasured reminder of your special day for years to come .

In the European tradition of candle decorating, Candles by Design takes great pride in offering you our unique, individually hand-decorated candles. Suitable for a wide range of occasions, they are embellished with ornaments and lettering crafted in wax in our studio in Auckland. In addition, we provide candles featuring your own photographs, logos, crests and typeset text, from one to hundreds in numbers. European craftsmanship combined with innovative New Zealand design!

The business has been formed around the skills and experience of the owner, Brigitte Oberndorfner. All candles are created with a passion for style, quality and perfection. Whether traditional, romantic or contemporary in form and colour, every care is taken to meet your personal requirements. Please click here to learn more about Brigitte and Candles by Design.

We decorate all candles to order, and therefore recommend you contact us well in advance of your event. However, we always try to accommodate urgent requests — contact us now to discuss your ideas and requirements. Some designs without personalisation have been added to the catalogue and these are available at short notice.

Customer Satisfaction

We’re always interested in feedback about our products, service and website.

Following is a small selection of emails received from our many happy customers. To view more, please click testimonials.

I received the gorgeous candles on Monday and they are absolutely stunning!

I wasn’t quite sure how you would arrange the wee ribbon around them and was worried the lavender will be a bit too dark but all my fears have disappeared.

They are truly stunning and a real keepsake. They look amazing on those candle holders and are just a perfect matching set.

I am so glad I found you and got you to do our amazing unity set and memory candle.

They were all very carefully wrapped and beautifully presented and I am soo happy with them. They are not just candles but a piece of art that can easily just be put on display. I could not have asked for anything better and more beautiful. It is matching our theme and colour scheme perfectly and I just love them.

So thank you very very much Brigitte for your hard work. You were a pleasure to work with. From the start, you listened to what we wanted and suggested arrangements to make it look even better and the results are astonishing! Your attention to details is fantastic and the whole process was easy and simple. Your replied to all my emails extremely quickly and the making of our little gems did not take very long. I will definitely keep your card and use your services again if I ever need candles for special occasions.

You are truly an artist and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful candles and contribution to our special day.

The parcel arrived this morning and I’ve just had a chance to check them all out, Brigitte, they are absolutely divine! Im totally blown away, I love them! Thank you so very much!

They have all arrived in perfect condition so no worries there with the courier either.

I am so very impressed by your product and your service.

You were so accommodating and patient with all the too-ing and fro-ing with emails for the details I wanted. I didn’t once feel like I was being a nuisance or inconvenience.

The pictures/design proofs were great, the beautiful and careful packaging make it all the more special to receive, and of course the final candles themselves, which are AMAZING.

Thank you so much again for your fantastic business and beautiful talent.

I will send you some pictures of candles in their ceremonies, but I think I’m too afraid to light them, they’re too special!

I look forward to more dealings with you in the future and will definitely be talking about you as I’m fizzing about these!

«The final product was more than we expected and we were so proud of it. My husband and I couldn’t believe how beautiful [the baptism candle] was. A lot of people commented on the candle and a lot were saying they’ve not seen any candle like it before. We have passed on your details to friends and family who attended and asked about the candle and will continue to do so for anyone else who is looking for anything «candle».

Thank you for making my niece’s special day even more beautiful.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Kindest regards and with lots of gratitude,

Akuila and Johanna»

I am so impressed with what you have done, the colour, the flourishes that match my invitations, all of it is so amazing!

I have been showing off to all my work colleagues and they are all impressed also!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you, dealing with so many different vendors during this whole wedding process has sometimes been quite stressful, but you have been great at keeping me informed and up to date, and most importantly, deliver on your promises and far exceeded my expectations — which are pretty high to begin with!

I don’t think I can gush enough about how happy I am — thank you.

«Thank you so much, the candle arrived this morning and is beautiful — I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family, as I am so pleased that we ordered it from you!

Thanks again for the fantastic and efficient job!

«Thank you sincerely for the candles. Hayley is so happy with the candles and I admit they are more beautiful than the internet photos depict. They arrived safe and sound — great packaging. Thank you once again Brigitte and we will certainly recommend your company in the future. .

We invite you to browse through the various categories listed at left and trust we will soon welcome you as a treasured customer.

Check here from time to time for new designs and announcements .

NZ Herald article on Candles by Design,

published 7 November.

Monte Cecilia Catholic

Stuart & Ula’s gorgeous candle set features carefully matched colours, text and ornaments — as seen in BRIDE & GROOM magazine issue 78.

We are fond of this combined wedding & remembrance candle created for Beth & Ron.

About Prilep Candles
Built on family history and dedication to creating high quality candles, Prilep Candles has a wide range of products for all your candle needs.
Candles Ireland
Candles Ireland carries a complete range of candles on their candles on line shop The range of candles in the candles on line shop is immense and no matter
Christening carved candles
Christening carved candles 1
Specialists in exquisite personalised candles for any occasion … visit us now