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Linius® Continuous louvre system

Contents Introduction Table of contents 2 RENSON® company profile 3 References 4 Purpose of the CLS 7 Overview 8 Fixing elements Fixing brackets LZ.4202 and LZ.4211 U-shape mounting bracket LZ.4210 Angle bracket Type LZ.4203 and LZ.4209 Accessories A. Mesh B. Sills C. Aluminium frames D. Doors Specialities A. Linius®-cassette system B. Curved blades C. Stand alone support structures D. Acoustic applications E. Mitred corners F. Special shapes G. Block blades L.033 and L.050 H. Turrets I. Louvre grilles J. Aesthetic facade cladding with Sunclips® and Icarus® blades Storage and maintenance Care.

RENSON® company profile 6 good reasons to have RENSON® as a partner. 1. Customer satisfaction by personal contact, professional advice, excellent service and reliable, high-performance products are the main aims of our company. 2. RENSON® is a reputable and established multinational company with international expertise and experience thanks to the efforts of our local specialists. They are present in all regions of the world. RENSON has assisted with projects across the whole world, from Moscow to Tahiti and from ­ onaco M to Shanghai. 3. A complete service from start to finish, effective support.

Worldwide reference list BELGIUM Madou Tower – Brussels Hogeschool GroepT – Leuven Airport – Zaventem Smithkline Beecham plant – Brussels Alcatel building — Antwerp Private house /office – Menen Private residence – Bruges Brandweerkazerne — Oudenaarde Hospitalier Regional du Val de Sambre Auvelais Secure Link — Wommelgem Atlantis — Sint-Agatha-Berchem EEZ Hamburg — Hamburg Solon AG — Berlin Burohaus Scharnhausen — Ostfildern America Center — Hamburg Gluckaufhaus — Essen Messehalle — Frankfurt Tempelhofer Hafen — Berlin Kaufzentrum — Marl Debeka Versicherung — Koblenz Spree Dreieck — Berlin FRANCE.

Ref. Sunderland Aquatics Centre, Sunderland (UK), Arch. Red Box Architecture Ref. Fraunhoferinstitut VDTC, Magdeburg (D), L.050 and L.033 Ref. Private House/office – Menen (B), Arch. Philippe Guilbert Ref. Les Iris – Toulouse (F), O.P.A.C. – Arch. Tassera – Toulouse. Company : SMAC ACIEROID

Ref. Clarence Dock, Leeds (UK), Arch. Careyjones, L050 – 60% FA Ref. VM Skoda garage, Gent (B), L.033 Ref. Frente Mar da Ribeira de Boaventura, Madeira (PT)

Purpose of the continuous louvre system (CLS) 1. Screening An application ideal for concealing unsightly equipment from view. 2. Ventilation An assembly allowing the air flow in and out of a building whilst restricting the entry of rain. Here the CLS offers by far the best aesthetic solution. 3. Screening against the weather The continuous louvres system protects your installation from wind, rain and vermin. 4. Acoustics Fitted with acoustic blades, the CL S is ideal for the screening of noisy installations. The structure of the louvres system together with the noise damping qualities ensure that.

Overview The continuous louvre system consists of a support structure to which blades are fitted. The support structure carries the complete louvre assembly and is formed by vertically or horizontal placed mullions fixed by brackets at set distances. Depending on the structure, RENSON offers different mullion types. Blade supports are permanently fixed to the mullions allowing the blades to be clip-locked onto their supports. The method of construction is simple and well tested. Mitred corners, doors, vermin, bird or insect screens can all be incorporated. Depending on the application, different.

Extruded aluminium — blades for restricted access and visual screening: Ref. L.033.08 Labyrinthe blade Extruded aluminium — acoustic blades: Ref. L.060AC Acoustic blade Acoustic blade Acoustic blade Rolled aluminium — rolled sheet blades: Ref. L.065AL & L.065AL.02 Aluminium p. 38

Overview Extruded aluminium — aesthetic blades for cladding/sunprotection Ref. L.050.21 Loggia® blade Rectangular blade Loggia® blade Extruded aluminium — closed blades Ref. L.033CL Closed blade Closed blade Closed blade Extruded aluminium — project profiles (*) Ref. L.050.25 Blade with extended nose Blade soft line Blade soft line Blade soft line (*) = Project profiles not in stock 10

Overview Extruded aluminium – with integrated insect mesh Water resistant blade Blade with integrated insect mesh Blade with integrated insect mesh High performance blade Supporting structure Linius® Ref. LD.0065 Continuous support For constructions and sideways fixation Medium vertical span For extra large ­un­­supported spans vertical span Ref. LD.0195 Limited vertical span p. 58 Supporting structure Sunclips® Ref. LD.0108 Adapter profile Continuous support Medium vertical span Large vertical span

< Blade types Extruded aluminium blade Extruded aluminium profile for light duty with a 33.3 mm pitch. Normally used for smaller surface areas, round and special shapes. Materials Aluminium extrusion, alloy EN AW 6063 T66 Finish • Anodised (20 micron) • Polyester powder coating RAL or Syntha Pulvin® colours (60 - 80 ?/40 ? (UK)) Mesh Fixed to rear of the support structure. Features Blade L.033.01 can also be curved with a minimum radius of 800 mm (see p. 74). Top blade L.033.02 available for attractive top connection. Long bottom blade L.033.03 and short bottom blade L.033.04 for optimal finish.

Blade types > Technical drawings L.033.02 Technical data L.033.01 Pitch K-Factor*, supply Visual free area* Physical free area* Max. unsupported span between two mullions** * Definition see p. 50 ** At qb 800 Pa wind pressure

< Blade types Extruded aluminium blade Extruded aluminium profile with a 33.3 mm pitch. Application examples • L.033V and L.033.08 : - High-risk applications, such as high voltage units requiring restricted access - Small format for high weather resistance • (L.033V : HEVAC categorie A) - Blade L.033V can be used together with blade L.033.01 thanks to their identical appearance • L.033HF : - Physical free area 50% • L.033CL : - Suitable for fully or partially closed continuous louvre systems Technical drawings L.033V Technical data L.033V Pitch Depth x Height L.033.08 K-Factor*, supply Visual.

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Алюминиевое штранге-прессовани, EN AW 6063 T66 сплава

— Анодировано (20 микронов)

— Покрытие RAL порошка полиэфира или цветы Syntha Pulvin® ?/40 ? (60 до 80 (Великобритания))

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LINIUS — continuous louvre system
LINIUS — continuous louvre system — 84 Pages Linius® Continuous louvre system Contents Introduction Table of contents 2 RENSON® company profile 3 References 4 Purpose of the CLS
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